Tara Mcbride


1. Where is your hometown?



2. Why did you decide to become a CF coach?

When I first tried crossfit, I fell in love with it! It was challenging, measurable, and most importantly, the community was unforgettable! The athletes and coaches created this atmosphere I loved to be apart of, from there I knew I wanted to be CF coach. To be involved with the community, see and help others achieve goals, as I had done for me.


3. What animal would best represent you?



4. Who's your idol?

Sara Sigmundsdottir

5. How do you motivate yourself to finish a very challenging workout?

Knowing that feeling after the workout will be worth it! But, food usually keeps me going too ;)


6. What's your goal this year?

Crossfit Goals include: 5+ MU in a row, Handstand Walk 2 lengths of the gym unbroken, become WAY more flexible (touch my nose to my knees by 2018), CJ 220, Snatch 180, and overall be more fit than last year

7. What's your favourite movement/wod?

The clean is my favorite movement, and any chipper is my favorite WOD