1. Where is your hometown?

The McBride Farm, Central Alberta, Canada


2. Why did you decide to become a CF coach?

Hmm...I love teaching, and I love fitness, and so it felt like the natural course at the time. It's so awesome to be part of others' journey through self development and to have the constant challenge of working with them to successfully accomplish goals both in, and out, of the gym.


3. What animal would best represent you?



4. Who's your idol?

Paul Bunyan....Tara McBride


5. How do you motivate yourself to finish a very challenging workout?

When I can think clearly during those hard workouts...I try to think of someone I know who had a hard task and wouldn't quit. I then motivate myself to be like them.  


6. What's your goal this year?

Non Fitness- Pass the CFL3 exam, get into a post-graduate program, and get a dog.

Fitness- Sub 5 min Mile Run and 500 pound Back Squat.


7. What's your favourite movement/wod?

Thrusters and Rope Climbs.